Saturday, March 19, 2016

Miss you Dad

                                                                                                             March 19,2016


     It has been 5 yrs since you left to be at peace. I am happy you are at peace gives me comfort knowing you are in a better place,walking beside Jesus. I miss you, I Think of you often, mostly of all the things you taught  me. How to be Strong , Loving , Kind,Hard working, A Love for outdoors,Love for animals. You were a awesome example of how to be I thank God for giving you to me to guide me in this life you were my Guardian Angle. You had such a big heart and you passed that on to me and my kids. Sometimes it is hard to have such a big heart.But i wouldn't have it any other way. I am glad i had such a amazing father.

Favorite past time watching football
We always loved sitting on your lap
Loved your adventure!
You and Buz one of your Buddy's , you always had such neat friends.
most were like family to us.
Family meant a lot especially  that dog little bit.